50 Home Business Ideas where you Teach Your Skill to Others (500 Home Business Ideas Book 8)

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IF they would only try! My husband says I have a way of thinking solutions are obvious to everyone simply because they are apparent to me. I think it will be manageable once we have a plan in place and smaller specific increments to raise versus one large, seemingly ridiculus sum. It just takes the courage to get out here and do it. Even just making a couple hundred a month can make a big difference. The things on your list takes little or no knowledge.

Good list! We use LED lanterns at night for light. We charge them during the good hours after we go to bed and unplug in the morning. We also use outdoor solar lights indoor for extra night time lights like night lights in the kids rooms or bathrooms. We write a grocery list for needed items to complete the monthly dinner meals and we shop for the month.

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We buy our meat directly from the farmer, skipping the middle man, which saves on huge fees. We created a separate account for those quarterly bills that always seen to be forgotten until you get the bill. That account is created and then we set up the amount to come out of our paychecks through direct deposit so when quarterly bill comes, the money is in that separate account. I have a bunch more ideas that I can share later if interested????

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Because there came a time in my life when I decided my income was just going to have to keep up with my financial desires. Like I might go to Walmart to buy flip flops to wear at a 5-star hotel. I love these ideas and have already signed up for a few things. Thanks for all the great ideas!

Hey — Actually some pretty good ideas on this list.

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I agree completely. Another extremely popular method of making money on the side has recently emerged on Facebook. The era of localized online yard sales has begun on Facebook.

If you search for your town and yard sale you should see a group dedicated to buying and selling with folks in your local area. In some cases your items can sell in minutes. I wonder what effect the popularity of these new groups is having on the big auction sites such as ebay? Thanks for this article Peter!

I enjoyed it…. I see that you state that you are a Christian. What does the Bilbe say on these topics.

I would like to see some Scriptures related to, or backing up your advice. I know that some of this is strictly advice…good advice in my opinion. I definately can use the advice. I am battling breast cancer and our budget is stretched beyond our means. I have many, many hobbies…a whole basement as an art studio. I love repurposing all kinds of things. I find unusual things at garage sales, flea markets, antique stores, moving sales, and estate sales.

Quite a list! Some of my intermediate skills are making jewerly. I have taken some classes, and have made some for myself and as gifts. I also quilt, crochet, and more. I would venture to guess that most of what I am able to do, could bring in some money. I am in the midst of organizing my work space.

I am excited to see what things might be the most usefull to make and sell. Thanks for this article and giving out some good ideas. Connie, thanks for reading! This site is a Christian personal finance site, but it is primarily a personal finance site first. I do have regular faith based content, however, and do my best to give advice that falls in line with what I believe. It definitely sounds like you have a lot of hobbies that could lead to some secondary sources of income for you.

1. Night Club Business Plan

Good luck in pursuing those! God bless you, Connie! I look forward in seeing your ideas in the future, for your comments show you definitely need a blog for your ideas. I put all of my extra income into savings and just keep building on it. In my opinion finding many streams of income is as or more important than learning how to save money. Thanks for some good ideas. Wow, this is a great resource. Thanks for the long, thoughtful post.

💸 8 MOST PROFITABLE BUSINESS IDEAS FOR 2019 (that actually work)

Will bookmark this and try to implement some of these tips! My friend is seriously thinking to hire someone like it. Fantastic list! As others have mentioned, I like how you added unique categories to separate the items. My preference is still to find ways to make more substantial amounts of money — but this is a great way to start. First of all: thank you for all the work you put into this.

It will certainly help a lot of people to both earn and spend wiser. We can lose ourselves in being obsessed with money. Money is a means, not the end goal. If you are a Christian, then you are owned by God, with all you possess. That means talents, gifts, time and money, and even character.

It is wise to ask God how He wants you to spend the money. The fun thing is that He is the One who promised that whoever gives will also receive. If you give to the poor, He considers it as lending to Him. And He pays back in most extraordinary ways! We went to be missionaries and sold our house. The surplus was used. We helped a lot of people with it. We also gave a lot of stuff like furniture away. Soon I got a job with a free house on the side.

Later we bought a house for a small price that needed a lot of work. Now we live in a house that is a lot bigger than we ever thought we could afford, it has the color I like and even the garden I like. See what I mean? The Bible tells us to be satisfied when we have a place to live and enough food on the table. Thought it would be a commendable extra way to let God make you money, instead of you.

Leave it up to Him and be thankful. Be especially thankful if you do have ways to make extra money and He leads you to invest in into His Kingdom. Browse by Genre Available eBooks I'm not going to leave this video up for long, so check it out now before I take it down! Show More. Aqsa Javaid.