In the Wake of the Wind

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As they prepare to escape, they hear word that Union troops are coming to occupy the state.

Two days later, union troops are stationed in Texas and their owners grant them manumission. Lifee and Mordecai move with their two young children out to Georgia.

They work as sharecroppers on a small farm. They start to experience a bit of stability: Lifee teachers her boy how to read; Mordecai works a plot of land reserved for feeding his family.

After a few years of relative peace, a violent anti-Reconstruction movement takes hold in Georgia. One night, a mob of angry confederate plantation owners go out to intimidate and terrorize local black farmers. Lifee's young son is tragically killed in the crossfire. Lifee and Mordecai move yet again, this time settling on an abandoned farm. They grieve the loss of their son.

Wake of the Wind

Their relationship is never quite the same again. They have trouble being physically intimate with one another. They start to grow apart, each of them wrapped up in their own grieving process. Lifee teachers her surviving daughter how to read. She recalls how earlier she taught her son to read, in the hopes that he might have a better life than she did. Now, as she equips her daughter with these same skills, Lifee hopes that her daughter grows old enough to see the world become a a little less violent, and a little more loving.

Best part of story, including ending: The intergenerational connection between Subaiwu and Kola on the one hand, and Mordecai and LIfee on the other, is compelling. We see the struggles and triumphs of the first pair reflected in the struggles and triumphs of the second. This adds a dimension of hope and joyful resolution to the story: although Lifee and Mordecai face much difficulty and heartbreak, they themselves represent Subaiwu and Kola's greatest triumphs. Get access to the full version of this article.

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Chapter Analysis of The Wake of the Wind

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The Wake of the Wind: A Novel book by J. California Cooper

Citing Literature. Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Journal list menu Journal. More sophisticated approaches like computational fluid dynamics CFD models and large eddy simulations LESs , do not constrain the wake propagation but cover prevailingly neutral atmospheric conditions apart from few academic studies e.

To investigate to which degree these assumptions and limitations are applicable to real flow cases, we performed a full-scale experiment in complex terrain using wind lidars. Wind lidars are available as continuous wave CW or pulsed systems. Since the range determination is achieved by focusing the laser beam on a given point, the probe length is not constant with range. Unlike CW lidars, pulsed lidars can simultaneously measure LOS wind speeds from a number of ranges e.

To the knowledge of the authors, the wake behaviour in highly complex terrain has not been investigated. The present study focuses on wake measurements of a turbine located in highly complex terrain. The terrain is characterized by patchy vegetation and a steep orography. The WindScanner system allows for the measurement of synchronized trajectories; thereby, the retrieval of all three wind components is possible.

The combination of both systems allows measuring the near and far wake, which is a novelty for wake measurements. The measurement analysis is concentrated on the vertical wake propagation and its relation to atmospheric stability. This dependency is of particular interest for turbines located in complex terrain in regions that are subject to strong radiative forcings, e.

In these regions, the atmosphere is normally stable during the night and unstable during the day. The paper is organized as follows. An overview of the designed scanning trajectories and a general description of the campaign is presented in Sect. In Sect. Moreover, a new method to determine the inflow velocity in complex terrain is presented. A summary and the conclusions of this work are given in the last section. The site was selected to meet several scientific objectives. In this section, we give a summary of the campaign and site characteristics relevant for the measurements of the wind turbine wake.

Red points: location of long-range WindScanners; blue plane: RHI scan; black circle: rotor plane; black plane: diamond scan plane; black dashed line: wind turbine transect or line of synchronized measurements in diamond scan; red dashed line: example of beams doing a measurement.

The ridge to ridge distance is about 1.

  1. tanuki no yomeiri (Japanese Edition)!
  2. Der Hass nebenan: Eine Kriminalgeschichte (Polt-Geschichte 11) (German Edition).
  3. Chronicles of Ror: Reconnecting (Chronicle of Ror Book 5).

The ridges run from the southeast towards the northwest. The orography is generally lower to the northeast and southwest. The roughness of the terrain is determined by rocks and patchy vegetation of pine and eucalyptus trees. These wind directions are perpendicular to the ridges. The terrain around the turbine drops of several tens of metres towards the southwest.

The Wake of the Wind Book Summary and Study Guide

The short-range system was positioned close to the turbine, considering the shorter range and the probe volume size. For the SRWS the probe length increases quadratically with the measurement distance from about 0. Consequently, to keep the spatial averaging small, a measurement scenario is designed to measure the near wake of the turbine. The scenario consists of a vertical plane, perpendicular to the turbine transect in the northeast of the wind turbine.

Accordingly, all three wind components u , v , w were measured. For the LRWSs, i. For two scanners positioned on the northeast ridge Fig. The plane is defined by the position of the two scanners and the wind turbine nacelle, resulting in an inclination of 4. Due to the synchronous intersection of the two laser beams along this centre line instantaneous, quasi-horizontal wind speeds and directions can be resolved.

An range—height indicator RHI scan, a scan with constant azimuth angle and changing elevation angle, toward the northeast along the wind turbine transect Fig. Accordingly, this scan provides a field of LOS velocities. The LOS velocity is the flow component orientated along the lidar's laser beam.

During certain periods that are analysed in detail in Sect. For analysing the wind turbine wake, detailed information about the inflow to the turbine is a requirement.