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One look at his blessed person subjected to scourging and spitting for our sakes will give us more idea of his crown rights than anything besides. Look into his pierced heart as it pours out its life-flood for us, and all disputes about his sovereignty are ended in our hearts. We own him Lord because we see how he loved. And regeneration was something he always expected to see as he preached the gospel.

A friend of his once came to him, depressed because for three months of ministry he had not seen a single conversion. Regeneration, he saw, is a work of pure grace—and those the Lord regenerates, he will indwell. Spurgeon loved life and saw the creation as a blessing from God to be enjoyed.

Lectures to My Students by C. H. Spurgeon (.pdf)

For tired ministers, he recommended:. Like us all, Spurgeon was uniquely himself.

About Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Spurgeon had! Grandiosity, religiosity, and humbug could all expect to be pricked on his wit.

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For him, joy was a theological matter and a manifestation of that happiness and cheer which is found in Christ alone. Christ wishes his people to be happy.

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When they are perfect, as he will make them in due time, they shall also be perfectly happy. Spurgeon was full of life and joy, but also suffered deeply with depression as a result of personal tragedies, illness, and stress. Today he would almost certainly be diagnosed as clinically depressed and treated with medication and therapy. Spurgeon believed that Christian ministers should expect a special degree of suffering to be given to them as a way of forming them for Christlike, compassionate ministry. Christ himself was made like his weak and tempted brothers in order that he might help those who are tempted Heb.

Spurgeon saw theology much like astronomy: as the solar system makes sense only when the sun is central, so systems of theological thought are coherent only when Christ is central. Every doctrine must find its place and meaning in its proper relation to Christ.

Where is Christ in your theological system? For him, Christ is not merely one component—however pivotal—in the bigger machinery of the gospel. Christ himself is the truth we know, the object and reward of our faith, and the light that illumines every part of a true theological system. He is exalted in every word of truth, because he is its sum and substance. He sits above the gospel, like a prince on his own throne. Doctrine is most precious when we see it distilling from his lips and embodied in his person. She's a much requested speaker and teaches writing workshops.

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